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My name is Xenia, and I am a 16 years old girl from Denmark. From April 27th till January 8th 2012 I will be going to Mitaka-Shi, Tokyo, in Japan as an exchange student. I will be attending a Japanese high school (for girls!), live with a Japanese family and through these experiences learn the Japanese language and culture. This is the blog about my hopefully unforgettable year. I will write about the things I do, my thoughts and whatever I feel like writing in the moment I write the post.

As you can see, this whole blog can be translated into English (–>), however, as this is through google translate, the translations are very bad. If you really want to read a blog about being an exchange student in Japan, but don’t really feel like reading half-understandable-google-translate-English, I would suggest you to go to the page “Andre udvekslingsstudenter”, and choose one of the other exchange blogs written in English 😀


Hello World!

Denne blog er oprettet for at dokumentere mine 8½ måneder som udvekslingsstudent i Japan, fra april 2011 til januar 2012. Den er mest beregnet til min familie og mine venner, men alle er mere end velkommende til at følge med! :)


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Slut dig til de 11, der følger denne blog


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